The Warsaw Surveying Enterprise (WPG S.A.) has been delivering geodetic and cartographic services for more than 60 years, and recently the Company is also successfully implementing geomatics technology.

The biggest investments In cit ies include: the subway system, Road, bridges, trade centres, inteligent buildings and various topographic, cadastral maps, as well as orthophotomaps, which are developer with the use of the most modern equipment, integrated, high development technology and the best experts In the field of geodesy, surveying, photogrammetry, cartography and IT.

Many years of the Company’s experiences in creation and updating the city base map hale become the inspiration to develop new methods of large-scale and small-scale cartography, methods based on automated processes of data acquisition and edit ing, which utilise the best computer-assisted systems, supporting designing, analysis and presentation of processes which occur in the real world.

WPG S.A. has become the pioneer in his area in Poland and it created the patterns for development of large, object-oriented databases, being the foundations for spatial information systems – systems, which have become the challenge of the presence in the field of management of the state economy.

In the time of the Polish accession to the European Union, WPG S.A. Has the clear posit ion in the sector, among strong competition, existing on the international and on the Polish markets.

WPG S.A. is the oldest and one of the largest surveying companies in Poland. The reliable and permanently developed expertise of its employees, supported by many years of experiences, gained in the surveying sector, as well as the permanent access to the recent technology and equipment of well known manufacturers, guarantees the highest level of services delivered to the customers.

Recently the importance of the quality and reliability of computerised databases, which are the subject of development performer by many geomatic companies, has grown. Information stored in such databases are one of the most valuable and interesting commodit ies, being the results of works and valuable information concerning the customers or creating the knowledge base.

WPG S.A. offers high variety of services related to database management. It deals, both, with the process of database creation, their content security, recovery of lost information, as well as all processes related to analysis, automation, conversion and control of data coherence. The Company has gained many experiences in development of spatial database management systems. According to customers’ demands, it is able to settle, within the short t ime, a professional group of programmers, capable to combine the company’s activities with specified tasks. Implementation of such functionality allows for considerable improvement of efficiency and quality of performer analyses. Solut ions offered by WPG S.A. are based on recognised database systems, such as Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle and on technology developed by Bentley, ESRI, INTERGRAPH. The Company always attempts to apply the recent technology and standards, in order to offer such products, which is able to meet all expectations of customers.

We are specialised in:

Ranging and surveying inventory of :

  • Volumetric structures,
  • Transportation systems,
  • Underground, terrestrial and over-ground networks and systems of infrastructure.

Measurements of:

  • Deformations and dislocations of structures,
  • Lift shafts, cranes, crane runways, mass, chimneys, antennas,

Precise location of foundations under machinery, technological lines and steel structures.

Production of :

  • Numerical basic maps,
  • Numerical maps for designing and thematic purposes,
  • Numerical topographic and thematic maps,
  • Digital orthophotomaps,
  • Spatial visualisation,
  • Graphical databases,
  • Integrated cartographic-and-surveying systems,
  • Digital Terrain Models.

We also deals with photogrammetric Works, i.e. creation of numerical maps based on aerial photographs. We have been participating in creation and commissioning of cadastral systems, Land Information Systems and Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

We offer maps produced for the needs of :

  • Conceptual,
  • Designing,
  • Legal,
  • environmental issues.

We offer medium-scale Works, at scales between 1:10 000 and 1: 25 000, including:

  • Topographic maps,
  • Topographic databases,
  • Thematic maps for GIS,
  • Orthophotomaps,
  • Digital Terrain Models (DTM),

As well as large-scale Works At the scales betwenn 1:1 000 and 1:5 000:

  • 2D and 3D Maps for designing purposes,
  • Cadastral maps,
  • Orthophotomaps,
  • Digital Terrain Models (DTM).

Production of our works is based on an orthophotomap developer from aerial photographs of high resolut ion and from satellite images acquired, among others, by IKONOS, QuickBird, SPOT. Such orthophotomaps may become an individual cartographic product or it may be the background for development of Victor Databases of GIS type, for maps and various plans.

Digital Terrain Models (DTM) are the by-product, developed in the process of orthophotomap development and based on aerial or satellite images. It may exist in the digital form, as the regular “GRID” model, or in the form of a triangular “TIN” mesh. Digital Terrain Models may be applied for many important analyses, such as: flood waves modelling and ranging, investigation of radio waves propagation, determination of terrain surface relief for designing of various structures, such as dams or roads. The DTM also allows to create the virtual, 3D image of the Earth surface. It is a valuable source of perception of the real world, which allows to observe many phenomena and regularities.

Basing on such data we also develop Spatial Databases, which are used for:

  • Information purposes,
  • Intelligent Object-oriented maps,
  • Cadastral purposes,
  • Development and construction of Integrated Spatial Information Systems.

The thematic offer of WPG S.A. includes development of global (territorial) :

  • Spatial Information Systems,
  • Land Information Systems,
  • Geographic Information Systems.

In particular, considering our Professional experiences, we are specialised in:

  • Acquisit ion, verification, integration of geo-spatial and geographic data,
  • Methods of data updating,
  • Analyses of geo-spatial and geographic data,
  • Consultancy in the field of commissioning of systems, system platforms, which support such systems and software environment,
  • Training related to commissioning of complex systems for the state and local government units.

WPG S.A. has been also participating in the process of development of specialised military maps; those works are performed following the preferred assumptions and NATO orders for those products.

This product has been produced at three levels of details, it is the Earth model, which consists of : geometry, topology and qualitative and quantitative attributes or real and abstract geographic objects. The following maps are developed:

  • VMAP Level 2 „The 2nd Level Map” – a vector military map (NATO standard), produced at the scale of 1:50 000. This map is the result of vectorisation of scanned sheets of the paper military map at the scale of 1:50 000,
  • VMAP Level 3 „The 3rd Level Map” – a vector military map at the scale of 1:25 000 (national standard). This map is based on an aerial and satellite orthophotomap, what guarantees the high timeliness of its content .

WPG S.A. has long traditions in the f ield of development of photogrammetric maps. The large group of such large-scale and topographic maps includes maps produced for the areas of Warszawa, Poland or Libya, Algeria, United Arab Emirates or Iraq. WPG S.A. has also gained many years of experiences in the field of ut ilisation of terrestrial photogrammetric methods for inventory of architectural structures, mainly related to protection and conservation of monuments.